About Horizon of Digital

Horizon of Digital is an outlet for sharing perspective and knowledge on a variety of topics, with a particular focus on the impacts and opportunities presented by digital technology to companies now and in the near-term future.

As digital innovation is touching all of our lives in many seen and unseen ways, this site is intended to stay agnostic as to industry focus. My own expertise spans Retail, Distribution, CPG and Manufacturing spaces, though my hope and intention is that all articles remain thought provoking and accessible to all audiences.

Meet the Author

headshot6Gregory Elsborg is an expert in Marketing, Innovation, Ecommerce and Digital Brand Strategy. His background includes global leadership roles in marketing, digital innovation and brand strategy, spanning retail, distribution and manufacturing. Gregory has worked across a variety of organizational sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500  globally matrixed organizations.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Gregory studied Marketing at Lancaster University Management School, a Top 5 UK Business School, graduating with multi-disciplinary Honors.  After a successful career in the UK, including general management and marketing management roles, he relocated to the United States to follow career opportunities, and has resided in DFW since 2012.

Gregory shares his life with his wife, son and two dogs, and is passionate about technology, mental and physical health, and contributing to philanthropic efforts in his community of Southlake, TX.

To contact Gregory about consultancy, speaking engagements, or business opportunities, please reach out using the form below.




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